I see a lot of progress! Xxxx is using more words and sentences. I’m so proud of her. Thank you for working with her. Appreciate it thanks!!


Ms. Courtnee is doing a good job working with my son’s speech. Her services have made a great impact on my son. Thank you!


My biggest fear before choosing a Speech Therapist was that my child would not speak for someone else to understand her. Thank God that did not happen because of Ms. Lisa. She has her talking and being able to express how she feels. My favorite part of therapy is the part when Lisa asks her to label something and she turns and holds a full conversation about it. My daughter learned how to communicate with us and now we completely understand her as well. Lisa has no areas for improvement in our book because she has done everything to meet our expectations and more! I feel that my child is well cared for. Being a mother is hard at times but knowing someone is here to help makes it all worth the wild adventure. Lisa has helped to make me feel empowered and supported on this journey. I would recommend Lisa to my best friend by saying “OMG! I have this awesome lady for you. My kids excel to the highest level in speech. If you want, I can text or call her now.”


Ms. Chancellor is an excellent therapist. When she first came to the house I was not sure what to expect. Ms. Chancellor explained in great detail what all would be involved as well as what I could do to help with a positive outcome…that first session was so beneficial for me and for my little guy. Favorite part of therapy was seeing how my child responded to Ms. Chancellor and how he enjoyed her and the lessons. Ms. Chancellor is highly qualified, excellent with patience and explains in detail what is expected of child and parent. My child learned about patience and how fun it is to learn. He also learned what was acceptable for behavior. Yes there was some trying times but with Ms. Chancellor great help we were able to overcome those obstacles. If I could say one thing, Ms. Chancellor works very hard to see that child and parents are completely on board with what is expected of all involved. I saw my child make great thrives to follow instructions, to use his words and to know that there are times when it’s okay to have a bad day, but also to know to redirect his lashing out. Without the help from Ms. Chancellor [and] her staff I know for a fact my child not be where he is today.  Thank you for all of your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

– Pam

I don’t think I had a fear about you as a person, just being new to the early intervention program and first time experiencing the obstacles for a premature baby was my fear. Basically the unknown was my “fear”. My favorite part of therapy was, seeing Xxxx interact with you and become so relaxed. I also liked the different therapy techniques you used in order to gain Xxxx’s trust and to get him to learn and explore new things. I would definitely recommend you to friends and family. I felt like you had Xxxx’s best interest and because of your patience, humbleness, and therapy skills, Xxxx was able to accomplish the goals that you set for him in a timely manner. He progressed very quickly and he was able to overcome a lot of obstacles due to your therapy skills.  As far as every day skills, Xxxx was able to roll over on his own, crawl, walk, turn book pages, point to things…etc.  As a parent, you made me feel empowered by allowing me to be involved during the therapy sessions. You always had an answer for any concerns that I had concerning Xxxx’s motor skills and behavior and therefore incorporated those into the therapy sessions.  Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for Xxxx. I really do believe you were God sent and it was a blessing having you as his therapist.

– Alishia

The only real fear I had before choosing you as an early intervention provider was getting attached to someone who will not be consistent. My son had already had two therapist that I had already gotten familiar with leave because of job changes. You remained consistent, so my biggest fear didn’t come true. At some point I recall mentioning to you that I hope you did not end up leaving before he aged out. Through your pregnancy and other scenario’s, you assured me that you would be here until the end and you did just that.  My favorite part of therapy was sitting in on the sessions and being able to ask you questions and receive input or feedback regarding my child which helped us tremendously.  I would tell my friend if she is looking for a professional but down to earth, consistent, sweet, funny, and overall great DT for her child you are definitely the person to go to.  My child learned a number of skills thanks to you. He learned how to feed himself, turn pages in the book, learned to hold a crayon, pick up small objects, learned to identify his body parts, learned to count, learned to say his ABC’s, learned shapes, gained some social skills, etc.  I felt supported during my child’s time in therapy because you constantly introduced me to new information that would be beneficial for me and my child and provided me with helpful suggestions. You also regularly left my child with learning toys that you would see that he responded well to and knew would help with his development or what we were working on. I will never forget you initiating us meeting at the library for story time and suggesting that you could meet me and help me pick out learning toys that would be good for him. You coached me in so many ways and exposed me to different things that I did not know as a first time parent.  I really enjoyed having you as a part of me and my son’s life. Not only did you aid him in reaching milestones, but you personally helped me in the process. After having a baby (dealing with what I believe could have been postpartum depression), coping with the reality of having a delayed child, and trying to get through other things I was tackling, having you there to listen at times while supporting my son helped me a great deal. I will be forever grateful!

– Tanya

Our situation is a bit different than normal! When my nephew came into my care Ashley was already his developmental therapist. Xxxx had alot of delays but after two months he had meet those goals and we continued to add more goals as he continued to achieve those! My favorite part of the therapy was seeing him grow and continue to develop each week! I would recommend Ashley to any family who has a child that is delayed. Ashley is amazing and all my kids love her! Xxxx Is now walking, running, talking, plating and continuing to grow everyday! Ashley is not only there for the kids but also is a huge support to the rest of the family!! Ashley is amazing at what she does and I wouldn’t want anyone else but her to work with my kids!

– Candise

My biggest fear was that my child will not grow out of his behavioral problems. He has made some progress but also has set backs since you haven’t worked with him in some areas.   My favorite part was the interaction and one-on-one activities that my child really works well in that type of setting. All the different tips and advice you gave to me to help my child’s development. The different websites, books, games and where to buy certain items.  Ashley is passionate about a child’s learning growth and strives to see some positive changes from that child before she has to finish her time with the child.  He gained communication [skills], focusing, and the ability to match things together skills, but since you left most of those skills have either slowed down or not been used to its full potential.  Keep adding to what you know already. Improvement is more knowledge. Once you have that knowledge, keep passing it on to us parents and the children.  I felt more supported that you listen to my issues about my child and then address them and help me with solutions to take care of those issues.  I would have like for you to continue up to the Kindergarten age or at a time that the child would have shown major improvement.  THANK YOU TONS!!!

– Regina