Mission, Philosophy and Method

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interSEED N GROW, LLC shares the same Mission as the NC Infant-Toddler Program (NC ITP):

  • We know that each child is unique
  • We understand that every family’s needs are different
  • Early Intervention is most effective when your family is supported in meeting your child’s needs
  • We believe you are your child’s best teacher
  • We honor & respect your family’s beliefs, culture, and values
  • Children with developmental needs learn best in settings that are used by all children
  • We will partner with you to help your young child learn and grow


interSEED N GROW, LLC believes that each child meets developmental milestones at their own pace and learn best at play in natural environments.

Our Method

We strongly encourage caregivers/parents to participate in our sessions based on their individual learning styles paired with coaching techniques.  Our therapists use age appropriate strategies via play schemes to gain & keep the attention of our clients.  During our sessions we state the strategy, show how to use the strategy, and practice the strategy with families in an effort to make it a natural part of their day.