Family Handbook



Welcome to interSEED N GROW, LLC, a Developmental and Speech Therapy services provider! We are happy to be working with you and your child. We have lots of information to share and thought an easy reference guide would be most convenient. Please read it thoroughly and contact your therapist/the owner with any questions or comments.

Owner: Ashley D. Chancellor, (919) 327-8735


Getting Started:

By now, you have already received a phone call from your child’s therapist and have had an initial session. The time and date for therapy is for you and your child’s therapist to decide. Typically, we respond to requests for therapy based on location and time of day that therapists are available. However, we will strive to meet the needs of family schedules to the best of our abilities. Please speak to your child’s therapist directly about this.

Natural Environment:

Your child’s therapist should have a copy of your child’s Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) by the time of your first session. She will work on the goals listed on the IFSP with the toys, equipment, and activities you have in your home.  If the IFSP requires working on something that you do not have, your therapist will be happy to bring it with them to the session (i.e., puzzles, shape sorter, play dough). Our therapists are also happy to meet with you and your child at different places in the community, such as playgrounds, local pool, museum, mall play area, etc. We will go wherever your child may be, or wherever you think would be a beneficial place to provide therapy.  We are here to help you with any child development/behavioral issues that you may be dealing with. Feel free to ask your child’s therapist if you have any questions. Our therapists are very knowledgeable and can direct you to appropriate web sites, books, and activities that may help your child.

Time Allowance:

Developmental Therapists typically provide 1 hour of therapy each week, depending on what is stated in your child’s Initial Service Delivery Plan (on the IFSP). Speech Therapists typically proved 30-45 minute sessions.  We always encourage parent participation within the hour to communicate questions, concerns, and thoughts with your child’s therapist. If further communication is needed beyond the hour, our providers can be reached via phone or email.  Please feel free to leave phone messages as our providers do not take cell phone calls during home visits.

Updating the IFSP:

Your child’s Early Intervention Service Coordinator (EISC) is responsible for meeting with you and updating the IFSP at least every 6 months. However, if your child achieves all of his goals before the 6 months period, we can request a meeting to update goals at any time.

Sickness/Vacation/Inclement Weather: 

If your child is too sick to have a therapy session, please call your therapist (see contact information) as soon as possible to let them know. We also ask that your child/anyone else in your home who has been previously sick, be fever-free & vomit-free for at least 48 hours prior to a therapy session.

Our therapists need to stay healthy and happy for their own families as well as the many families we serve. If your Developmental Therapist is sick, she will call to let you know in a timely manner and will do her best to reschedule the session at a time that is convenient for you.   If your therapist is taking a vacation day, she will work with you to find a time to make up for that missed session. Likewise, if you and your family will be out of town or need to miss a session for any reason, we ask that you call your child’s therapist as soon as you know. Typically, we like to make up any missed sessions within the same month. In the event of inclement weather, your Developmental Therapist will make a judgment call as to whether travel conditions are safe.

No-Show/Lateness Policy:

If our therapists arrive at your home at the scheduled appointment time and you are not there and have not called us, we may not make up that session. After three “no shows”, your therapist reserves the right to discontinue therapy.  Because our therapists drive from home to home, schedule an hour for each family, and must take driving conditions into consideration, we ask that you please allow 10-15 minutes on either side of your appointment time. If your therapist will be more than 15 minutes late, she will call you to let you know. She will also provide the full hour of therapy for your child, if she must be late for whatever reason, as long as it is convenient to your schedule. We do this to allow time at the end of the session for every parent to ask questions, have time to reschedule appointments, or to just talk about what is on their minds. Because of this policy, sometimes our therapists may be a bit early to the scheduled appointment or they may be a bit late. We thank you for your understanding of this policy.